Ben Campbell Voice Reels

Ben Campbell Productions

Creative Services

Ben Campbell has an incredibly wide range of both SPEAKING and SINGING voices in his repertoire.  And he is a gifted comedic writer.  

Ben is able (and willing) to write scripts for promotions, ads, comedic bits and in-person performances. If you need a humorous twist for a video shown at a sales conference, or a character created as a spokesperson for your brand, Ben has the resources to make it happen. 

However, while Ben loves to write bits and improvise, he is equally at ease working with creative direction and tight scripts. He has worked with many talented creative minds over the years. 

He respects his role in the job at hand and is a collaborative creative team player.  

Ben is not a diva and can turn on a dime to deliver a stellar performance. He is accountable and can handle tight timelines.

*Ben can deliver the perfect voice for:

  • Commercial Branding for Radio, TV and Digital
  • Celebrity Impression VO*
  • Celebrity Singing Impressions VO*
  • Jingles
  • Announcer & Promo Voiceovers
  • Animation
  • Gaming
  • ADR/Dialogue Matching
  • Dubbing/LoopingInternal/Corporate Communication
  • Explainer/E-Learning
  • Telephony (phone greetings, on-hold messaging, voicemail and IVR (interactive voice response)
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Narration/AudioBook
  • Radio & TV Imaging and Promotions
  • Trailers
  • Political
Ben Campbell Productions

Production Services

Ben Campbell has a state-of-the-art production sound studio in Phoenix, Arizona and can voice patch to anywhere in the world.  Or, if you prefer, Ben can “a la carte” you a voice-only file and let you take it from there!

Through his production company, Campbell Productions, Ben offers the following add-on services if you need:

  • Session coordination between multiple voice talents
  • Session coordination for clients/multiple participants who are overseeing the direction of the read
  • Post work including audio mix/music bed/sound effects/soundscape, coordinating sound files and pickups          

Studio Set Up

Ben Campbell can produce a final-mix, broadcast quality, traffic-ready product out of his home studio in Phoenix, Arizona. He has high-end equipment and has a database of music beds, sound effects and background noise that he can integrate into your audio spot to punctuate a soundscape.

While Ben usually works closely with the industry’s best sound engineers, he can handle many projects turnkey on his own.

Broadcast Quality Audio Production with the best equipment including:

  • Microphones: Sennheiser 416 and EV RE27
  • Audio Interface: RME
  • Mixing Board: Wheatstone
  • Processing: Wheatstone
  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • Software: Adobe Audition
  • Vocal Isolation with acoustic foam paneling

Connectivity for Virtual, Collaborative Sessions:

  • Source Connect
  • IpDTL (Internet Protocol/Down The Line)
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Facetime
  • Google Meet

No Borders Production

Ben can record an audio track in your choice of format without processing, or a fully produced bit or spot in his home studio. He can upload a broadcast-ready audio file at the highest quality. He can mix in sound effects and mix/edit other voice reads on simple tracks, or work hand-in-hand with a short list of production engineers on more complicated mixing and mastering. He utilizes ipDTL for maximum quality sound. He can record finished spots with intros/traffic slates.

Ben is also set up as a SourceConnect studio, which allows for crisp transmission of raw audio recorded in his studio to another studio for processing and further mixing. SourceConnect has surpassed ISDN as the preferred industry standard for the highest quality sound patch. The security of this level of sound quality allows Ben the freedom to work with clients anytime, anywhere-all over the globe.

Ben can record in a studio onsite that a client chooses, or he can make himself available for a live session on short notice.

Ben uses Zoom, Skype and Google Meet/Hangouts for online, real-time collaboration. These platforms facilitate a virtual session, with multiple players/participants in different locations.

With the online connection software available today, it is easy to be worldwide!