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BEN campbell’S BLOG:  Between these Headphones

Under the Tent

Between These Headphones is a confessional look back at some of my crazy experience in radio and entertainment.  Let me take you “backstage” and share some insights into the highs and lows of “how the sausage gets made”.  The good, the bad, the ugly.

During my 30-year career in radio broadcasting, I have performed in person, on camera and as a voice talent for commercials. I have emceed and served as the live announcer for high-profile events including the annual Celebrity Fight Night, which raises money to fight Parkinson’s Disease.

It was at a Celebrity Fight Night that I had the honor of doing a Muhammed Ali Impression for…Muhammed Ali himself. Ali told me “You do me better than Billy Crystal! But don’t tell Billy I said that.”

I have had the honor of peforming a few other impressions for the person I was impersonating, including Randy Travis, whom I went on the road with.

Two years after performing as President Obama’s voice in CBS’s The Millers (“Plus One” episode) I ran into comedy great J.B. Smoove, who was on the show.  I refreshed his memory as to who I was by doing an Obama impression.  Getting laughs is the ultimate reward for a comedian.

To get a sincere and hearty laugh from someone like J.B., whose comedic talent I so admire– is that much more gratifying.